Why You Absolutely Need To Visit Iceland

Whenever some asks me what I thought of Iceland, the first word that comes to mind is incredible.

Because it really is an incredible place. The terrain, the quickly changing weather, the wildlife, the views. Everything about Iceland is, simply, incredible.

It makes you feel and understand how incredibly small you are in the grand scheme of things. Miles and miles of land as far as the eye can see. Great, glorious mountains and volcanos in the distance.

You feel as if you landed on an entirely other planet.

The amount of times the landscape in Iceland made me catch my breath because of the sheer beauty of it… I lost count. I was so taken aback by how amazing this planet is.

One minute you’re driving down a long stretch of road with moss-covered lava rocks on either side of you, stretching as far as the giant mountains peeking out (or peaking out – pun intended!) from the clouds in the distance.

The next your climbing over slick rocks behind a colossal waterfall, tugging at your rain jacket to shield your face from the mist, but not wanting to look away from the magnitude of water tumbling down just feet from your body.

Then finally you’re standing on a glacier — an actual, 700,000 year old, icy glacier — looking down into a small lake with large chunks of ice floating around its surface.

How is all of this real? you find yourself thinking. You can stop staring toward the horizon, analyzing the contrasting land and juxtaposition of greenery and ice; peering out, trying to remember all of the details you’re seeing in a flash.

This is really incredible. There’s that word again in your thoughts, but trust me, it’s a true representation of this destination that you absolutely need to visit.

See for yourself what makes Iceland just so stunning, beautiful, and incredible, with these photos from my trip. 

iceland photos
That white in between the rocks is not flowing water, but actually, a glacier.
iceland photos