Where To Travel In 2017 According To Travel Bloggers

The new year is right around the corner, and while I love spending the holidays at home in New York with my family and friends, I can’t help but think about where I want to travel in 2017.

What will be the top destinations to visit? Where will be the most sought after adventures? 

So I went to the source (other fabulous travel pros) and asked them what’s on their 2017 bucket list. Mixed with  a few of the destinations I’ve been considering, and you get this list of ten vacation spots that will be hot in the new year.

Which destinations will you choose?


“I’ve been living in Dubai and I urge people to visit. There’s nowhere quite like this innovative city in the desert! With the opening of Dubai Water Canal, the new boardwalk on the Palm and continuous investment in tourism, 2017 is set to be a big year.” – Dannielle of While I’m Young.

Where to travel in 2017

Mexico City

When you think of spots to visit in Mexico, it’s usually the beach towns like Tulum and Playa del Carmen that come to mind. But the capital of Mexico is where it’s at. From the food and art, museums and upscale shopping (home to Latin America’s largest luxury department store), Mexico CIty has plenty of ways to immerse yourself.


With the pound being much lower than usual, London is a top place to visit next year. Take advantage of the exchange rate while you can, and experience this amazing city, from pubs and historical sites to shopping and more.

Where to travel in 2017
Check out my mini guide to London.


Lately all I can think about is visiting Peru, probably because I’ve been envying @Roamaroo‘s fabulous uploads. “From savory ceviche on the shores of Lima to hiking the magnificent Machu Picchu in the Andes Mountains, Peru is packed with unique activities for the active traveler. While Machu Picchu is the main Peruvian bucket list adventure, there are several other hikes that will challenge even the fittest of travelers.” – Collette of Roamaroo.


Canada is having a big year in 2017 – it’s their 150th anniversary. I completely fell in love with Montreal (which is celebrating their 375th anniversary this year as well) and now I’m itching to go back… Toronto, Vancouver, Banff, you name it. Get yourself to Canada this year because they’ll basically be partying like it’s their birthday all year round.



“Head to South America and spend time exploring a few different destinations in colorful Colombia. Travel to vibrant and action packed Cartagena wandering the streets in the Getsemani and boating off to the picturesque Rosario Islands. If you also make it to Medellin, just three and a half hours from the city, ride horseback through the hills of off the beaten path Jardin and get a taste of local coffee country.” – Kristen of Border Free Travels


Top of everyone’s travel list this year, including mine and many travel bloggers. “I want to visit Cuba before things change too much. With all of the political uncertainty, you never know what might happen in the next year!” – Heather of Anywhere First. I couldn’t agree more.


Doesn’t it feel like everyone is headed to Bali lately? With Indonesia being “one of the most vibrant and alive countries” it’s no wonder they make the list among bloggers. – Imma of A World To Travel


I’ve got my eye on Bermuda this year. Although I went once when I was like 7/yo, I’m jonesing to go back. “Pink sandy beaches, limestone caves and more golf courses per capita than anywhere in the world, Bermuda is a paradise with a variety offerings any island lover would fall for. Spend a day exploring St. George and it’s rich history, and at least a few at Rosewood Tucker’s Point.” – Kristen of Border Free Travels


“It is so underrated, and a total gem of a country! The food is amazing, the people are beyond friendly and there’s so much to see and do: sightseeing the ancient city of Petra, seeing stars in the desert at Wadi Rum and scuba diving at Aqaba…..and the Dead Sea!” – Lucy of WanderLuce

So where next?