Where To Eat in Boston

In the many new blog posts about Boston that I’ll (eventually) write, you’ll definitely hear a lot of comparisons I make of it to my New York City.

And that’s cause I just couldn’t stop feeling like that! As if I was walking around a neighborhood of NYC that I hadn’t quite explored, or going to a restaurant that I hadn’t ate at yet, rather than in an entirely different city.

But Boston is like that. A cleaner, slightly smaller, just as wonderful version of New York. It’s a New England town, situated on the water, and everyone has a very distinct accent. Something I can totally relate to.

Another major comparison: the restaurant scene. There were SO many restaurants that I wanted to try, and couldn’t even get to them all in the 2.5 days I was there.

Luckily, Boston is close enough that I can make a quick trip back and hit up all the spots I didn’t get around to on this trip ;)

Whether it’s your first trip or your 51st trip to Beantown, here’s some of my top picks to enjoy in the city.

Because pizza is always a good idea:

I mean, who doesn’t love pizza, amiright?

Boston has some great Italian spots that dish out delicious pies, like Regina Pizzeria. You may have to wait in a long line, but for good reason. It’s been Boston’s brick oven pizzeria since 1926! So yeah, they know their pizza.

Another neighborhood gem is Coppa. It’s a hip “enoteca” in the South End that is so much more than just (really good) pizza. You can also load up on delicious Italian small plates and mouthwatering pasta.

When you just want the Asian flare:

Hojoko is a really cool spot in Boston, described as a “rock and roll Japanese tavern” – yeah, read that again. Rock & roll + Japanese + tavern fare. Intrigued? You should be. It’s super unique and tasty, with menu items like a Spicy Tuna Burger.

I’m about to make another NYC reference. If you’ve ever been to Tao (Uptown or Downtown, doesn’t matter), then you’ll know – that’s kind of the cool, trendy vibe I get from Red Lantern in Boston. It’s pan-Asian, which means it’s dishes and cocktails have some creative flare to them, and it works. It’s good, and it turns up at night.

When you need margaritas and hella good guacamole:

The go-to spot in Boston for Mexican is definitely Lolita’s Cocina & Tequila Bar. You have to try the Broken Heart Margarita or the Diablo, if you like it a little spicy. As for the food, it’s safe to say that anything on the menu will be a win.

Side note, I always need a margarita.

When brunch is your favorite meal:

The Beehive is where it’s at. Ask for a table on the bottom floor so you can be right near the stage and get an up-close seat to a live jazz performance. The menu will speak to your soul (and stomach) as much as the music. I’m not sure if it was the music or the mimosas that went right to my head ;)

where to eat in boston

When the meal is worth the wait:

You can definitely expect a line at Neptune Oyster in the North End. It’s a high-end oyster bar serving fresh raw seafood, buttery lobster rolls, and weekday specials that range from sea urchin bucatini to squid ink risotto. My mouth is actually watering as I write this. It’s soo good, and clearly worth the wait!

When you just want a real big cannoli:

Did you even go to Boston if you didn’t stop by Mike’s Pastry? This place is basically a Boston institution, serving super-large cannolis in all types of flavors (think everything from hazelnut to peanut butter to Oreo). Get one to eat as you walk, get a box to take back home with you, whatever you do, don’t leave Boston without one.

Tip: it’s a cash only business! 

What are some other great spots to eat and drink at in Boston?