What To Eat In Barcelona

Heading to Barcelona straight after a three-night binge in Ibiza might not have been the most well thought-out plan, but if there’s one thing this cosmopolitan city was good for, it was curing our hangovers and welcoming us with tons of food.

Welcome to the great tapas capital on the coast of Spain! (as proclaimed by me).

curing my Ibiza hangover with tapas on tapas on tapas ? #Barcelona

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Barcelona is in the Catalonia region of Spain, and dining is taken very seriously here. While there’s a broad and innovative food scene in this city, there are a couple of key things everyone should consume when visiting.

Here’s what to enjoy in Barcelona.

DRINK: Sangria

You can’t come to Spain in the summer and not drink Sangria. Even if you’re not a vino drinker, you’ll enjoy this sweet concoction of wine, fruit and brandy. You also won’t be able to escape it. It’s everywhere, as a popular drink at bars, pubs and restaurants. ¡Salud!

What to eat in Barcelona

DINE: Seafood Paella + Tapas

Since Barcelona is an oceanfront city on the East coast of Spain (bordering the Balearic Sea), it has some phenomenal seafood. The best way to enjoy it? In a big pot of paella: a mixture of rice, garlic, broth, spices and other deliciousness.

If you’re not a fan of seafood, paella is also available with meats, chorizo, veggies or a mixed combo.

What to eat in Barcelona

Tapas on tapas on tapas. This is basically the staple bar food of Spain. Better described as snacks or appetizers, and meant for multiple plates to be shared. There are tapas everywhere, in restaurants and cafes and all the food markets.

Grab a bite of ham, a serving of cheese, a small piece of steak, and definitely don’t sleep on the croquettes. Everything from chorizo and potato to cod fish, you can’t go wrong.

What to eat in Barcelona What to eat in Barcelona

I had one of the best meals of my life at Sensi, a hole-in-the-wall joint in the Gothic Quarter that pumps out the most delicious and innovative menu of tapas. It’s a small restaurant that’ll have you waiting unless you make a reservation, but trust me – it’s worth it.

What to eat in Barcelona
Sensi Tapas in Barrio Gotico


I’m sure there are other kinds of desserts and delicacies that Spain is known for, but I’m a sucker for a good scoop (or three) of gelato. Especially when it’s presented as a rose and topped with a macaroon. Whaaaaat.

What to eat in Barcelona

This beauty was from Amorino Gelato au Naturale, an artisanal gelato shop on Las Ramblas.

Honorable (and surprising) mention: Pacha

What to eat in Barcelona

Might not be the first place you’d think of when talking about food, but Pacha Barcelona (located on the strip of restaurants and clubs in La Barceloneta) is no ordinary lounge.

It’s a full-service restaurant & bar before switching over to a raging nightlife spot, and it actually had really good food!

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