Weekend Getaway Guide: Montauk, NY (In Summer)

Summer is flying by at an accelerating speed. Somehow, August is halfway over!

I feel like it was just the Fourth of July, but I blinked and my birthday (July 27) slipped through my fingers and now we’re closer to Labor Day Weekend than I would like to admit. 

As a Leo and a true summer baby, I love spending the season as close to bodies of water as possible – a lake, a river, an ocean, you name it. I especially live for the beach, and as cliche as it may be coming from a New Yorker, I love heading out east for a weekend getaway.

My last visit to “the end of the world” was in early October, when Michael and I spent a few days exploring Montauk during off-season. Although less traffic and even lesser crowds make off-season Montauk very appealing,  you just can’t beat visiting this town when the weather is beautiful.

Luckily the warm temps and sunshine stick around through September, so there’s still time left to drive down Long Island and enjoy a weekend away.

Here’s my take on where to stay, eat and play during the summer in Montauk:


I found Atlantic Terrace on the Hotel Tonight app and it was a welcome surprise! The location is stellar: right on the beach, with views of the Atlantic Ocean from your room’s balcony.

The amenities are what really sealed the deal for us. There’s an on-site kitchen that serves breakfast, lunch and snacks, plus late night grub for when you stumble in at 2:00am after Ruschmeyer’s. There’s a pool, a boutique, a lounge area, fire pits for nighttime gathering, and 8:00am yoga.

It’s also just a few short blocks from the center of town and a short drive to the lighthouse at the very tip of the island.



Goldberg’s Famous Bagels: They have “famous” in their name for a reason, these little rings of doughy goodness come in a variety of flavors, and you can get the fixin’s on them for a hearty meal.

The Hampton Maid: A top morning spot technically not located in Montauk but worth the drive to Hamptons Bay for their prix fix breakfast. It’s a local tradition.


Tacombi: New York City’s taqueria went out east and now serves up delicious tacos, fresh guacamole and ice cold beer to Montauker’s all summer long.

The Sloppy Tuna: I recommend you skip the sloppy-ness of Saturday nights and opt for lunch at The Sloppy Tuna instead. Their food is actually very tasty and the view of the ocean is phenomenal from the upper deck.


Gosman’s Restaurant & Dock: Gosman’s is a long-standing Montauk dinner spot located right on the inlet, so you’ll see boats cruising by as you chow down on delicious seafood.

The Inlet Seafood Restaurant: Located directly across the inlet from Gosman’s and equally delicious. Besides seafood and lobster, The Inlet also makes some delicious sushi!

Pro tip: Go at sunset!


Beaches (duh). It’s not a trip to Montauk in the summer unless you hit up the beaches. If you took my advice and booked a stay at Atlantic Terrace, you’ll have immediate access to the beach and ocean. Grab a complimentary towel and sun your buns (just make sure to use sunscreen).

Workout. I honestly love to get in a sweat sesh even when on vacation, and especially when the vacation involves bathing suits. Montauk has its own SoulCycle studio, yoga studios, barre classes, and SLT studio. Take your pick.

Party. Who doesn’t love drinking al fresco in the summer? Whether that means bringing your own wine (or Montauk beers) to the beach or heading to the hotspots for a night out under the stars. The Surf Lodge and Grey Lady MTK are popular spots for nightlife. You can often find good music, a good crowd and good drinks.

Or stop by one of the North Fork wineries! Wolffer Estate is one of my favorites ;)