Time Traveling To Havana, Cuba

Is there anything more fascinating than going somewhere you’ve been told you’re not allowed to go? That’s what Cuba is (or was) for Americans. An undiscovered location we’ve been shielded from. But as most of the world now knows, all that has been changing. Yay!

I can’t even begin to explain how amazing and interesting it was to immerse myself there. Time traveling to Havana, Cuba was literally that… visiting a destination frozen in time.

It’s as if someone forgot to press play since 1950. From classic cars, brightly colored buildings and architecture to art and rhythmic music playing around every corner, Cuba is a cultural oasis.

While guides and how-to’s and many more articles are in the works for publishing over the next few weeks, it’s only right that I first let you see for yourself the magic that is Havana.

You can walk the streets of Old Havana or Malecon and never tire of seeing taxis from 50+ years ago, cobble stoned alleys filled with salsa music, or the stark comparison of bright new paint jobs next to decrepit buildings.

So I give you… Havana.

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Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and recommendations for traveling to Havana, Cuba!