Where To Travel In 2018, According To Travel Bloggers

We are TEN days into 2018! (HNY btw! Better late than never right?). So I’m sure you’re crushing your travel goals already. Booked those trips. Scratched one off the bucket list.

Yeah, me either.

But that’s okay! It’s early. And we still have 12 whole months to accomplish everything we want – to figure out the where, when, how and who.

“Where” is always the hardest part for me, mostly because I want to go everywhere. And I’m constantly changing my mind. One minute I’m planning a trip to Asia, the next I’m Googling the best months for trekking to Peru.

So if you’re anything like me, and need a little help with determining which destination is next — I got you.

Better yet, I gathered some inspiration from a bunch of amazing travel bloggers that I sourced from Girls vs Globe.

Below are the destinations around the world that travel bloggers are eyeing and recommending for 2018. Happy planning!


I’m kicking things off with the destination I just returned from: New Orleans. If you’ve never been, you definitely should go – for the beignets, for the parties, for the bourbon, for the Southern charm. And this year, NOLA is celebrating its 300th birthday!

Dang, girl – you look good for your age.

where to travel in 2018


“Lisbon!! And Portugal as a whole. I visited on a whim and it totally took me by surprise! It’s still fairly underrated as far as European capitals go, but gaining huge traction so I think it’s a good time to visit!” – An Orcadian Abroad


“Egypt has so much more to offer than just the Pyramids! Incredible white beaches, amazing diving experiences, ancient history and rich culture! Also very affordable once you’re there!” – Pursuing Lovely


“China is unlike any other place you will ever step foot in; at its surface, it is busy, bustling, and modern. But in the midst of all that, just below the surface, you can almost feel the ancient secrets of a civilization that has lasted, and flourished for thousands of years! It has a kind of ancient magic in the air. Absolutely everything about China is the opposite of what we’re used to in the western world. Oh, and the food!” – My Peace Love Life


“Botswana is on the rise in terms of accessibility and tourism and is still incredibly untouched and beautiful. Safari at Chobe National Park is a must, you can sail along hippo filled rivers. Also camping in the Okavango Delta was the most remote wild experience I’ve ever had!” – Eppie


“Istria is the perfect place to experience beautiful Croatia with a smaller tourist scene than Dubrovnik. The region is known for truffles and wine, so if you’re a foodie, even more reason to go!” – Katie of Wanderwell


“I spent 48 hours in Oslo with Up Norway last year last year and had the most incredible one-of-a-kind insider experiences from mind blowing ‘underground’ meals to ice bathing in the fjords. I’m returning in just a month to explore more of the country, and maybe even see the Northern lights this time. If you’re into the great outdoors, make Norway a priority for 2018.” – Kristen of Border Free Travels


“Greece is one of the most beautiful destinations I’ve been to! It offers everything from small, remote islands that a lot of people are unaware of to the more popular, vibrant destinations of Santorini and Mykonos! In my experience the Greek people are friendly and love having tourists around! I couldn’t recommend Greece enough.” – Ms Blissness

A place that’s near and dear to my own heart (see exhibit A, B, and C). Want more Greece? Check out this episode of Unmapped:


“Its super affordable, has a huge diversity of places to see and visit (Tropical Caribbean beach! Jungle! Mountains! Lush coffee valleys! Rainbow rivers!). The people are some of the friendliest and most welcoming you’ll ever meet. The food is incredible. And the National game – other than soccer – involves gunpowder, explosions and booze. What’s not to love?” – Practical Wanderlust


“The city is amazing, buzzing with culture and tradition. I felt completely safe and the city definitely needs the tourism after the earthquake.” – Every Steph


My the number one destination to visit in 2018 is Thailand. I’m dying to go, and beyond just Bangkok or Phuket – but to those off-the-grid destinations that are so authentic and somewhat “untouched” by tourists, like Trat and Chanthaburi.
where to travel in 2018

Tell me, where are you itching to visit in 2018?