10 Things to Do in Amsterdam (Besides Smoke)

Amsterdam might be best known for its vices that are loose and legal to indulge in. Things like marijuana and prostitution. But with so many things to do in Amsterdam, this city is a pleasant surprise for those who visit it with an open mind.

It’s the perfect gateway country for first time visitors to Europe because it’s chill, modern and not a huge culture shock.

Amsterdam is the type of city you can find yourself getting acclimated to, and the perfect place for exploring what’s beyond the reputation of Amsterdam as we know it.

Here’s ten things to do in Amsterdam that don’t involve the drug culture:

Rent Bikes. 

Do your best to blend with the locals and keep up in the bike lanes.

Albert Cuyp Market.

This block-long market pops up and feeds the De Pijp neighborhood with delicious foods, beverages and items to take home.

things to do in Amsterdam

Heineken Experience.

Customize your own bottle of Heineken to take as a souvenir.

Things To Do In Amsterdam

Tour the Canals. 

Take a small tour on an open boat and learn little facts and myths about the city from its’ channels.


Head to the Museum Square in southern Amsterdam and check out some cool galleries and displays, like the Banksy exhibit at MoCo.

Picnic in Vondalpark. 

You can drink out in the open, so I highly suggest some bubbly accompanies your finger sandwiches and sliced cheese.

Things To Do In Amsterdam

Eat at Cafe Loetje.

Specialty steaks & classical Dutch dishes are served at this bustling cafe. Do yourself a favor and go while in Amsterdam!


The famous flower market of Amsterdam is a beautiful maze of colors and aromas.

Explore De Pijp. 

The De Pijp neighborhood is known for its restaurants, cafes, bars and other foodie-favorites.

Sample Cheese. 

Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room offers one-hour cheese tastings led by an “Expert Cheese Master” (yes, that’s a thing) so you’ll know all there is to know about cheese and how it pairs with wine.

Things To Do In Amsterdam

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