Postcards from: Murano & Burano

There are two islands off of Venice that are well worth the ride on the Water Bus. Both Murano and Burano are known for beautiful, bright colors of various kinds.

During the peak season, Venice can become extremely crowded with tourists and locals, all trying to get the same picture and ride the same gondola. But Murano and Burano offer a quiet and colorful escape from the main areas.

Murano is typically known for it’s handmade glass, available in tons of colors, shapes, sizes and objects. Certain shops give glass blowing demonstrations and tours of the process, and have many finished products available for purchase. They do make nice gifts and souvenirs ;)

When it comes to product, Burano is known for handmade lace and crochet goods, but it’s its colorful houses that make Burano a favorite to visit.

With two days in Venice, visiting these little islands was a must.


Even the flowers on the balconies are made of glass in Murano.

IMG_5633Burano’s colorful houses is actually a legal procedure. If someone wants to paint their home, they have to send a request to the government, who lets them know which particular colors are permitted for that lot.
IMG_5641IMG_5644You can easily get lost exploring the colorful sidewalks.