Postcards from: Mexico City

Dulce Patrica Mexico City

Mexico seems to be my destination of the year! I’ve already checked out two new hotspots in the country in the past few months alone, one of which was the cosmopolitan and cultural hub of Mexico City.

The capital is full of history, art, museums, shopping, some of the best food I’ve ever eaten, and some of the worst traffic I’ve ever sat through.

CDMX is gorgeous, with cute European-esque neighborhoods. There’s no beaches or all-inclusive resorts. It’s urban and adventurous and begs you to explore its streets.

when in mexico city… eat all the tacos, sip the mezcal, and taste all the insects (at least once). #cdmx #visitmexico #jetsetzep

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I think Mexico City is finally getting the kind of attention it deserves. Travelers (and media outlets) in the past few years have been labeling it as a hot destination to visit. You’ll truly understand why once you’re there!

The more  sought-after places to eat in Mexico City have been credited as some of the best restaurants in Latin America, and in the world.  Biko, Contramar, Prendes, Dulce Patria and Pujol just scratch the surface of the amazing places to dine. And that doesn’t account for all the local taco stands and street food you can divulge in.

ALSO… I should mention… the bugs are SO REAL here. On every single restaurant menu. From fried worms and beetles to ant larvae and grasshoppers, they have quite the selection of insects. And yes, I tried them all.

Beyond bugs, Mexico City is this beautiful mix of old and new – ancient ruins and world-renowned architecture with luxury developments and modern buildings.

The main square is touristy and crowded, but where you’ll really get a sense of Mexico City’s origin. You can also notice how much the city is sinking – shifting buildings and warped streets – a slight nod to history and how Mexico City was built.

And then there are the posh neighborhoods with luxury hotels, high-end brands, and department stores that have turned Mexico City into a major shopping destination.

don’t leave mexico without a yellow bag #soytotalmentepalacio #mexicocity #treatyoself

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There’s a little something for everyone in Mexico City, add it to your bucket list!