Staying at a “Lowxury” Hotel in Spain

What’s a “lowxury” hotel, you might ask?

It’s a cool concept behind the appropriately named “Chic & Basic” hotel group that are sprouting up around Europe, mainly in Barcelona and Amsterdam.

These hotels combine all the amenities and details of a stylish boutique hotel, that feels luxe but is actually an affordable price.

I had the pleasure of staying in one of these hotels and experiencing it myself during my recent trip to Spain. I stumbled upon the Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel during my search for hotel accommodations in Barcelona, and couldn’t have been happier with my selection.

Lowxury Hotel

From the breakfast buffet spread each morning… which was a real treat, considering breakfast isn’t as big of a thing in Barcelona as it is in America, and can be hard to come by.


to the spacious balcony and terrace off our room… with so much room for activities.



the location… Located in El Raval, our hotel was just a few steps from the popular main street, Las Ramblas. You could walk a few blocks over to the Gothic Quarter neighborhood, or two blocks down and find yourself at the harbor.


and the super-friendly and accommodating staff, Chic & Basic was exactly what we needed, and so much more.

It went beyond being just “basic” – especially with it’s modern decor and carefully-selected amenities. Ranging from a reading room stocked with books, a tapas restaurant for snacks and drinks (and occasionally live music), and bike rentals for helping us to explore the city of Barcelona by wheel.

The retro details and eye-catching design aesthetic of Chic & Basic made me forget we were staying in a low-cost hotel. It had all the feels of a luxury boutique brand in the heart of a popular neighborhood.

lowxury hotel - barcelona


The “lowxury” concept behind these hotels is refreshingly unique for accommodations in Europe, and worth checking out if you’re visiting one of these cities.

I’ll definitely be back for another stay.

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