How to Spend Two Days in Marrakech, Morocco

Let me start by saying that visiting Marrakech, and Morocco in general, was a very interesting, eye-opening experience. It’s the most culturally different destination I’ve been to so far, and visiting directly from Lisbon, Portugal provided a stark comparison of Europe to this North African country. 

I’m not going to sugar coat this. It was dirty, probably unsanitary at times, aggressive and extremely conservative for women.

But it was also beautiful (the most photogenic place I’ve ever been), unique and authentic, and provoked you to be open-minded. 

I had some of the most fascinating experiences, particularly because I visited during Ramadan (the month-long Muslim religious holiday). While we weren’t sure WHAT to expect from traveling during this timeframe, I would gladly do it all over again.

If and whenever you find yourself in the Red City: embrace the differences, respect the culture, be open, be mindful, and be willing to learn.

And if you have just two days in Marrakech, here’s some suggestions on how to spend your time.

Day 1:

Begin exploring Marrakech by visiting two of the most popular sites (thanks to Instagram) that are located just a short walk from the Old Medina. This will give you the chance to see the bustling streets of Marrakech by foot.

YSL Museum

Stop #1, the Yves Saint Laurent Musee in Marrakech, a museum devoted entirely to the legendary fashion designer. 

Jardin Majorelle

Stop #2, directly adjacent to the museum are the Majorelle Gardens, a colorful and vibrant botanical garden filled with plants and beautiful landscapes. It was owned by Yves Saint Laurent, who said “Marrakech taught me color” – which you’ll see is true once in the gardens.

Marrakech Food Tours

Finish out your day with a food tour of Marrakech – the perfect way to get introduced to this unique cuisine! We took a tour with Marrakech Food Tours, who offer all kinds of experiences from picnics to street food to dining in the desert.

Day 2:

With day one being an easy exploration of Marrakech, use day two to dive deep into the city’s history, culture and traditions.

Plan-It Morocco Souk Tour

Exploring the souks, shopping for rugs, and navigating the madness that is Jemaa el-Fna are all unique experiences that visitors MUST have in Marrakech. Rather than completely winging it, we opted for a private tour with Plan-It Morocco and our guide was AMAZING. He was kind, so knowledgeable, and super helpful with negotiating as we shopped :)

Bahia Palace

This palace from the 19th century has room after room of beautiful architecture, hand-carved ceilings, gardens and lots of history.

Relax at La Mamounia 

After a dizzying day of history, art and standing your ground amongst the souk shoppers, grab a day pass at La Mamounia and take advantage of their spa.

PRO TIP: The day pass will give you access to the spa and pools, but you’ll have to be a hotel guest to get access to some other Insta-worthy spots. Check out my Instagram Guide to Marrakech for more photo tips.

Dinner at NOMAD

End your last day in Marrakech with dinner at this trendy multi-floor restaurant (with rooftop) located in the heart of the medina. The food at NOMAD is “modern Moroccoan” and sourced locally, making for an amazing meal.