The Best Bars in Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal was an ideal first-stop on my recent trip overseas. Perhaps I’m a little biased, because I love Europe so much, but landing in Lisbon felt like coming home.

There’s a comfortability that you slip into. You can walk the streets, stumble into a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, get sangria at an outdoor market, ride the tram, and easily converse with locals. And that’s all doable in just the first 24 hours.

Lisbon is  walkable and offers a wide option of public transportation, so getting around is no problem at all. There are so many diverse things for visitors to do, from historical monuments, museums and monasteries, to culinary adventures and easily accessible day trips.

best bars in lisbon

But above all (or at least, what I found to be) is the nightlife scene.

I was not expecting wild party clubs, trendy rooftops, speakeasies and cool hipster bars. But Lisbon has it all and more (I did the legwork to find out), and some of the best local wines and spirits.

If you find yourself in Lisbon and in need of a nice drink, here are my picks on the best bars in Lisbon:

Park Bar

Park Bar is my favorite bar in Lisbon. It’s a bar / club / rooftop on TOP of an actual, active parking lot. It’s very speakeasy style.. there’s no signage other than the regular parking garage sign, a big blue P. You walk up five flights of concrete stairs through an unmarked doorway until you get to the top, and then you hear the music.

Pro tip: order the carafe of champagne sangria. You will not be disappointed.

By The Wine

This spot is more wine bar than lounge or club, but wine in Lisbon is a way of life. With a huge vinho scene and a wine country that matches Napa, wine is taken seriously. BTW serves only Portuguese wines, so it’s the perfect place to get schooled on the different grape varietals.

Pro tip: They don’t offer tastings, but if you go with a friend, ask the bartender to pour you one glass, split between your two. You’ll each get a half glass tasting for an affordable price.

Pensao Amor

This nightclub is located directly on the Pink Street in downtown Lisbon, which is where all the nightlife thrives. It’s a late night spot, and a spot you’ll stay all night. The music is fun, the drinks are okay, the crowds pile in. I may have almost lost my cell phone while dancing until 4am. When in Lisbon, right?

Sky Bar

The bougey rooftop bar  is one that you could pick up and transplant into NYC. It’s cool, vibey, and doesn’t haven’t any of the ridiculous crowds you’d find at Manhattan spots. Its expansive, by the view and the Instagramable cocktails are worth it.

Pro tip: If it’s chilly out, ask the waitress for a blanket!

best bars in lisbon

LX Factory

LX Factory is actually the name for a complete street-long area of cool stores, restaurants, cafes and other shops. It’s art-centric, with public murals decorating the walls and stores. It’s like a little city within a city, because you could have breakfast, shop for books, get a haircut, have lunch, grab a coffee, get a tattoo, and have dinner all in this one place.
As far as drinking goes, check out Mez Cais LX for margs, Cantina LX, or Rio Maravilha, a fab rooftop.
Additional mentions:

SILK BAR: Everyone will talk about this Japanese place as a cool spot to go out. It definitely has amazing views and the vibe is excellent, it’s a fancier club where I would probably expect bottle service. My pro tip is to only go here for drinks. The food was, honestly, mediocre sushi and quite expensive. So skip the menu and just drink!

Red Frog Speakeasy: Another spot you will undoubtedly hear a lot about when researching where to go out in Lisbon is Red Frog. It’s the only speakeasy that comes up when you search “speakeasy in Lisbon” and it’s cool, I’ll say it. There’s no signage and you have to ring a bell in order to be let in. But that’s it. Once you’re in, you just walk down some stairs and you’re in the bar. It’s more lounge than club, but it’s dark and moody and the music is loud. It’s also a bit pretentious. Go if that’s your thing.