Let’s get personal.

Who am I?

I’m a New Yorker, born and raised and still playing in NYC.

I’m a dreamer, a doer, and a creative thinker. An adventure seeker, a stargazer, and the girl always sitting in the window seat.


I wear a lot of career hats. I’m a travel advisor and social media professional. I occasionally moonlight as a freelance writer (read my work here). I’m also the founder and curator of Collective Travel, a unique collection of vacation homes in The Catskills. I’m a multitasking millennial in every sense of the definition.

Why do I write?

I write because I travel. I travel because I write. I take a million photos of everywhere I go, but nothing can really capture the feelings and memories of being somewhere like writing it down.

So I write not to forget, and hopefully you like it enough to keep reading!

Things I like to write about: travel, food, wine, hotels, books, art, experiences, activities, and giving advice on said topics.

Where do I go?

Wherever the deals are big and the crowds are small, and hopefully the wine is strong.

I’m not sure when I fell in love with traveling, but as soon as I could wrap my head around the magnitude of the world and all the places left to explore – I was hooked.


From riding donkeys in Santorini and partying in Ibiza, to cliff jumping in Anguilla and eating homemade pasta in Italy, I became obsessed with trying to see the world one city at a time.

So far, I’ve been to 26 countries. You can check out some of those destinations here and here.

You can also keep up with my current adventures on here.

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That’s it! No extreme story of selling all my belongings and packing my life in a suitcase (yet – although I’ve considered it), no romance or heartbreak that made me flee the country.

Just a wandering girl trying to live her best life. So where’s next?