5 Ways To Survive Long Flights

I am so excited to be jetting off tomorrow to Europe and Northern Africa for my big summer vacation! Despite the fact that I need too be heading to the airport in approximately 24 hours, I still have not packed. Like, at all.

But no sweat, I’ll get it done, and have all my dresses and bathing suits rolled up in my carry-on suitcase in no time.

Packing light is obviously my top tip for traveling. I always try to minimize how much stuff I’m lugging around. Because let’s be honest, you probably don’t need / won’t wear half of what you think you need to pack – and then you’re stuck with a giant suitcase and bulging backpack weighing you down. Definitely no fun, and not efficient.

But what about surviving those long flights?

Seven+ hours just to get to Europe + the time difference… Your body and mind can get all screwed up, your digestion is funky, you don’t know what day it is, the jet lag is SO real. Long-haul flights can be tough.

And when you only have so many days to explore your destination, you don’t want to waste any feeling crappy or less than 100%.

After many miles spent in the air, here are my five top tips for surviving long flights.

1.) Drink lots of water + tea.

I admit, I love to have a glass of wine on a big flight, because A.) I’m excited and hello, wine to celebrate, and B.) because it tends to help me fall asleep.

But really you should be sipping water. Lots of it. The altitude and the limited air supply can be super dehydrating. So buy a big bottle in the airport, ask for extra water every time the airline offers, get tea instead of coffee, and drink as much as you can while you’re in the air. Just make sure you opted for an aisle seat so you don’t drive your row mates crazy ;)

2.) Get good sleep.

On the topic of getting sleep, it’s obviously crucial. But I realize not everyone can sleep well on planes. An eye mask definitely helps! Pop your earbuds in your ears to help drown out some plane noise, and you just might be able to catch a few Zzz’s.

Melatonin is also my favorite vitamin for helping you fall asleep. Or if all else fails, try and bring something stronger.

3.) Use a facial mask.

Let’s talk skincare while flying. Dehydration (see #1) can also really affect your skin, making it look dull and tired. At the risk of terrifying your neighbors around you, throw one of those sheet masks on your face while you fly, to help replenish your skin.

4.) Keep your toiletries handy.

Keep that little clear bag of travel-size toiletries within reach when you fly, so you can quickly freshen up as needed and start feeling human again. Because after 10+ hours in the same seat, trust me, you will not feel human.

Have your toothbrush, deodorant, face wipes, and moisturizer handy. You’ll thank me later.

5.) Have back-up entertainment.

You never want to be stuck without something to keep you busy, so try to have *something* on hand that will entertain you for all the hours. Whether it’s one small book or e-reader, or entertainment for your ears, like a podcast.

Download all the episodes you might want to listen to, before you get on the plane, that way you can listen to them sans Wi-Fi. Need some recommendations? You can check out my podcast here.