20 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit the Greek Islands

ICYMI: I went back to Greece this month.

Usually I’m all about visiting new places, cities and countries that I haven’t been to. So while I always imagined I would one day return to Greece (because how could you not?), I didn’t expect to do it so soon.

Granted, the first time I visited Greece was actually FOUR years ago.

Since that first epic trip to the Greek islands, I’ve been exploring a number of other European countries during my vacations abroad. But then all the stars aligned this summer for a very very last minute trip back to Greece.

As in, I booked my flights just five days before I left.

I also didn’t book hotels until I arrived, didn’t know anyone on the trip except one girl, and had no idea what my itinerary looked like.

That, my friends — is an impromptu, unmapped adventure.

But Greece will do that to you. You get a taste of it once and you’ll do anything to get back there.

So whether you’ve been to Greece before or haven’t had the chance to go just yet, the next 20 photos will give you some serious wanderlust and inspiration to visit the Greek islands… you just might find yourself looking up flights to Athens shortly after.

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