10 Things To Do In Santorini Beyond Sunsets

Santorini is the Greek island most known for its romantic vibe, white churches, blue roofs and the best sunsets in the world. But there is wayyyy more to Santorini beyond sunsets.

I can attest to Santorini sunsets being the best — the most beautiful I’ve ever witnessed. I mean seriously, I have never seen anything like it. And there is so much more to this Greek island than a red ball of fire in the sky and orange clouds over the water.

santorini beyond sunsets

If you find yourself on this amazing little paradise in the Aegean Sea — whether you’re heading here straight from Athens, or after a couple of wild nights in Mykonos — Santorini is full of activity and adventure beyond the sunsets.

Black Sand Beach

Both beautiful and relaxing, Perissa Beach (or the Black Sand Beach) in Santorini is an awesome option for taking the sun and swimming in the sea. Grab a lounge chair and umbrella, because the sand gets HOT. Like, too hot to walk on, hot.


Donkey Ride

You kinda can’t go to Santorini and not experience the donkey rides. It’s a classic tourist attraction, and quite the experience. Will I ever do it again? Probably not. Once was enough. But if you are going to ride a donkey, I recommend riding them up the mountain from the port of Fira, instead of down.

Wine Tasting

Santorini is covered with lots of vineyards and wineries, so a wine tasting is always within reach and a really nice way to spend a few hours — sipping locally made vino and eating olives.  If you love any of the wines, you can ship some home! Trust me, I shipped home 12 bottles of Assyrtiko I loved it so much.

Volcano + Hot Springs

The island of Santorini is actually a product of a (now dormant) volcano. There are a bunch of tour operators who can bring you by boat and let you walk around on the volcanic rock. There are also some naturally occurring hot springs off the volcano (which are really more like warm springs) that you can take a dip in, all within one tour.

Hike from Fira to Oia

If you’re looking for some lively activity or just a great workout, hike the seven or so miles from Fira to Oia! It was one of my favorite things I did in Santorini, because the view is well worth the drenching sweat ;)

Explore the island by ATV

A most convenient way to zip around the island is by ATV! If hiking, or boating, or donkey riding is not your ideal way of exploring this destination, then rent a four-wheeler for a few days and discover Santorini from the roads.

Boat Tour

Take a boat cruise (glass-bottom, day charter, or sunset!) so you can see Santorini from the water.

santorini beyond sunsets

Red Sand Beach

Another visually stunning beach option in Santorini, the Red Sand Beach in Akrotiri. All these colorful beaches are the result of volcanic rock and other scientific reasons I’m incapable of explaining, but they’re awesome to see and make some great photos!


The highest point in Pyrgos

Get a bird’s eye view of Santorini by visiting a monastery (of the Prophet Elija) in Pyrgos, which marks the highest point of elevation in Santorini. The monastery itself is closed, but it’s a seriously high lookout point.

Fish pedicures

When in Greece, right? Dunk your feet into a tub of “Doctor Fish” (seriously, that’s what they’re called!) and let them soften and massage your feet. It’s not your regular pedicure with files and nail polish, but it’s an experience.

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