10 Facts + Photos to Inspire You to Visit Marrakech

I always put together these compilations of photos from my adventures… my thought process is that if you, the reader, see these beautiful pictures of the destination, you’ll be inspired to visit.

But really, that’s what Instagram is for: a place to share gorgeous photos that will entice you to become interested in a destination, or add it to your bucket list, or maybe even to visit!

facts marrakech

So rather than simply share some of the most stunning photos I took (they really are beautiful… but all of Marrakech is, so having gorgeous imagery to share wasn’t a problem), I’m switching it up and giving you MORE.

And by more I mean, some interesting facts about this destination.

Not my opinions, not my tips and tricks from having visited, just ten hard facts that are part of what makes Marrakech so unique.

  1. It is illegal to cut down the palm trees. 
  2. Marrakech is nicknamed the “Red City” because of the color of the clay walls.
  3. Arabic is the main language but French is widely used.
  4. Marrakech is not the capital of Morocco. It’s actually Rabat!
  5. The country of Morocco is in Northern Africa (you’d be surprised how many people thought it was in Europe), but it’s on the same time zone as the UK.
  6. The currency is the Moroccan Dirham. [1 Dirham = .10 Dollars]
  7. Sweet mint tea is the national drink. 
  8. Storks (yes, those massive white birds) nest on top of the El Badi Palace.
  9. Photos often come with a price. You can’t just snap away at any fruit stand or snake charmer without paying for.
  10. Marrakech’s sister city is… Scottsdale, Arizona. Not kidding.
facts marrakech
facts marrakech
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