35 Spring Activities to Experience in NYC

This originally started out as a “top 10” post, but before I knew it I was way beyond ten and couldn’t stop myself! The activities available in the concrete jungle are almost endless, especially during the spring time.

We’ve been cooped up all winter and it’s time to finally get out and go about doing some fun and budget-friendly activities. Experience the new, get nostaglic about the old; enjoy yourself and your company.

Now that the weather is finally warming up, take advantage of the various activities you could do in New York. Most of these things I’ve done over the past year, some I have not. Hopefully I can get around to doing them this spring! And maybe this will inspire YOU to get out there and enjoy the spring weather…

Have a picnic in Central Park
Take a cooking class
Drink on a rooftop
Go for a bike ride
Start a garden
Go horseback riding
Feed the ducks
Visit a Farmer’s Market
Take a stroll on the Highline
Tour the Brooklyn Brewery
Watch the animals at the zoo
Be a Bleacher Creature at a ball game
Go to a drive-in movie theater
Eat at Eataly
Smell the roses at the Botanical Gardens
Perfect your homemade margarita recipe
Go to an outdoor concert
Experience Shakespeare in the Park
Shop at a flea market
Fly a kite
Go hiking with your mountain man
Kayak the Hudson River (free 20 minute lessons at the Downtown Boathouse!)
Watch the sunrise
Go to the Tribeca Film Festival
Rent a book from the Public Library
Go to a magic show
Experience a cuisine you’ve never eaten before
Spring clean your closet (you’ll thank me later)
Get ice cream from Mister Softee
Walk the Brooklyn Bridge
Have a wine+cheese girl’s night
Hand wash your car
Dine al fresco

That’s 35 different things you can do this spring!

What are some other activities and experiences to add to the list?

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