Postcards from: Frosinone, Italy

I have Italy on the brain…. I’ve been seeing signs everywhere! From the bloggers I follow on Instagram, to the travel newsletters I subscribe to and my current cravings for gelato and glasses of vino.

My best friend just got engaged in Venice. My cousins in Rome are texting me every day about coming to visit them. I ran into a woman who comes from my grandfather’s hometown in Frosinone. More and more and more reasons for me to start planning my trip back there for August.


My family in Italy lives in a little town outside of Roma, straight out of a picture. I’m feeling nostalgic for fresh pasta and nutella crostata, for drinking homemade wine and playing games of Scopa, so I dug up some photos from my trip to Italy a few summers ago.

Day dreaming of rustic countryside fields of olive trees and vineyards and dinners with my whole family.

Ciao, ci vediamo presto!

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