Ballooning Over the Adirondack Mountains

A few weeks ago I turned the ripe age of 26, and I soared right into my new calendar year. Literally!

To celebrate my birthday, I hopped into a hot air balloon and floated over the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

hot air balloon ride in New York

I have been DYING to ride in a hot air balloon for what feels like forever. It’s been at the top of my bucket list for a long time, and my boyfriend actually listened (!!) and secretly planned for me to finally experience it. #swoon

So the weekend of my birthday, we drove three hours upstate to Saratoga Springs for a sunrise hot air balloon ride in New York. It was magical.

hot air balloon ride in New York

Compared to some of the other adventurous things I’ve done – including skydiving over Long Island and riding in a doorless helicopter over Manhattan – this was a breeze.

Seriously, hot air balloons are actually quite calm and a very tranquil experience. The scenery was beautiful, the weather was perfect, the sky was clear, and they serve champagne once you land. My kind of adventure ;)

hot air balloon ride in New York

Our hour-long flight was with ADK Balloon Flights — the first hot air balloon ride company in all of New York State. They were safe, super professional, and extremely pleasant to ride with.

If you’re looking to experience a hot air balloon ride in New York, this is your place! No matter what season.

Special shoutout to Michael for making my birthday wishes come true ✔ Cheers to 26 years!

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