Where To Eat In Red Hook, Brooklyn


Back at it again with another NYC neighborhood to eat your way through. On to another borough – I take you to Brooklyn to tackle the waterfront neighborhood of Red Hook.

The New York Times called Red Hook a strange place for a day trip, but even they couldn’t deny that this Brooklyn neighborhood is an excellent choice for feasting. So skip breakfast, hop the nearest subway, and spend a day eating and drinking your way through Red Hook.


The Red Hook Food Vendors is the place for some of the best street food you can find! Winner of the Vendy Awards (the Oscars of street food) for 4 years, these food trucks are the real deal. They line up on Bay Street (outside the Red Hook Recreation Baseball Field) and serve the most delicious, traditional foods from all over Latin America.

The RHFV marketplace is like a mini Smorgasburg, and is a popular destination for foodies.

Horchata, empanadas and cemitas!

The Red Hook Lobster Pound serves some of the best seafood around, with fresh catches straight from the coast of Maine. You may have seen their food truck cruising the streets of NYC, or been to one of their other storefronts (like out in Montauk) but their original location is right in heart of this waterfront community in BK. You can’t leave Red Hook without a lobster roll from this Pound.



If you’re looking for some good craft beer, Other Half Brewing Company is the only option you need to consider. It’s got a super small tap room, which makes for a cozy drinking experience, and some strong IPAs on their rotating beer menu.




Now I don’t really like pie, but I’ll eat almost anything chocolate.

Steve’s Authentic Key Lime Pies in Red Hook has a chocolatey creation that is too good to pass up. The “Swingle” is a key lime tart, dipped in dark chocolate, frozen, and served on a stick. It’s a must-have, but don’t expect any other treats from this small bakery. Steve’s makes key lime pies, and only key lime pies.

key lime pie

In this tiny neighborhood, you can also find two different chocolate factories that make and sell batches on batches. Clearly Red Hook has a thing for chocolate. Whether you visit Cacao Prieto or Raaka Chocolate, either will take you to dessert heaven.

But if eating chocolate isn’t enough, you can actually make your own chocolate bars! Check out how we spent the day making our own organic chocolate in Red Hook.


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