Where To Eat In The East Village, NYC

New York is a haven of gastronomical experiences just waiting to be eaten.  With so many options (nearly endless possibilities), I couldn’t possibly do a whole #GoodEats post on all of Manhattan, so we’ll do one neighborhood at a time.

First up, East Village. The neighborhood that runs along the FDR Drive between 14th Street and Houston.


B is for bagels, and bagels are for me.

There is just something about East Coast bagels that doesn’t compare to any other bagel. They say it’s the water in New York that makes our bagels so damn good.

So it’s only right that a day in NYC should begin with this classic. And the East Village has no shortage of delicious places to feed your fix.

If you’re feeling adventurous, go to Tompkins Square Bagels and try the birthday cake cream cheese. This phenomenon went viral on Instagram thanks to food blogger Dining with Skyler (IG: @nycdining).

Tompkins Sq. Bagels

If you prefer something more classic, then you have to try Black Seed Bagels and order it like a New Yorker – an everything bagel with cream cheese and lox. It is the epitome of a New York breakfast, and Black Seed does one heck of a good job – their bagels are all hand-rolled and wood-fired.

Again, @nycdining. This girl knows her bagels.


Nothing is more New York than a sandwich from Katz Delicatessen.

Katz is on the border of East Village and Lower East Side, and has been serving New Yorkers since the early 1900’s. It’s where Harry met Sally, and where everyone goes for a jumbo sandwich piled high with deli meat.

It’s only right that you try one of their classic sandwiches: corned beef or pastrami.

I usually don’t eat red meat, but how do you say no to corned beef and mustard on rye bread from Katz? You don’t. It tasted like St Patrick’s Day in my mouth.


My sandwich eating face.


After bagels and beef, I’m bypassing dinner and going straight to the drinks.

Speakeasy culture is becoming quite the “thing” in New York City, and it’s one of my favorite types of bars to check out! I’ve talked about speakeasy fun in Washington D.C. before, so it’s about time I mention some NYC favorites.

The  first one to mention is ironically called PDT (Please Don’t Tell). Whoops! Out of respect for their name (and not to take all of the fun out of it) I won’t give away too much.

In true speakeasy style – you have to know where to go and what to do in order to find the bar.

I’ll let the above picture say enough about PDT’s location. Once inside this little joint, look for the wooden phone booth. Step inside, pick up the red phone, and dial one. I won’t say more than that… you’ll have to find out for yourself!

Another speakeasy option is Angel’s Share, an “elegant drink parlor” hidden inside a Japanese restaurant, that happens to be one of the best whiskey bars in the city!

Any other East Village favorites to add to the list?

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