Drinks Around the World: Expo Milano 2015


Buon pomeriggio! We made it to Italy. After months of preparation and anticipation, it feels surreal to even think that we’re actually here. 

Milan has welcomed us with cappuccinos, delicious cornettos and ample photo-ops. We even managed to find dairy-free gelato by the Duomo, and learned to navigate the Metro like pros.

Coincidentally, we find ourselves in Italy at the same time that the Expo 2015 is happening. Italy is hosting this world fair in none other than… Milan!

So without having any idea what the “Expo” actually was, we decided it was worth checking out.


The focus of Expo Milano is Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, designed to provide fascinating insights via a host of multi-sensorial and educational experiences.

Essentially, it was like an International Food Fair; a feast of cultures, populations and tastes. It was interesting and amazing to wander from country to country and get a sense of what makes that destination unique.


We trekked through the hills of Ireland, had a moment of zen in Nepal, and turned the Expo Milano into an opportunity to have a drink around the world.


It was our first day in Italy, after all. ;)

From beers in Belgium, to spritzers in the United Kingdom, we navigated from each country’s exposition to admire the displays and investigate the drink options.

And how else would three American girls end the day then with burgers and salads from the Food Truck Nation.


With actual pieces of the Coney Island Boardwalk (salvaged after Hurricane Sandy) and the only BBQ option of the 152 expo stations, we felt a little bit of home from half way around the world.

Expo Milano is 1,500 meters long, with countries grouped in collective pavilions based on “thematic identities and food chains”. The Expo Milano will be open until October 2015. Tickets were only 30 Euro per person for a selected day pass, and it was incredibly easy to get to by public transportation.

If you happen to be in Italy and have the opportunity to make a trip to Milan, the Expo is definitely worth exploring! With so many spaces to visit, you could easily country-hop all day long.

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