15 Ways to Experience Paris

There’s a reason we’re obsessed with Parisian culture. From croissants and champagne to historical architecture and uber trendy fashion, Paris has it all.

As a global center for art, food and fashion, there is plenty to see, taste and experience in Paris.

I only had two days to do and see as much as I could. Most of the time, I allowed myself to get lost wandering the streets without a map! This let me stumble upon many interesting and beautiful sites and encounter Paris from an open perspective.

Here’s fifteen ways to experience Paris and get the full effective of its’ beautiful culture.

1. Go to the top of the Eiffel Tour and watch the sun set over France from above.


2. Do a cruise tour on the Seine and see at least 10 different monuments and sites from the water.


3. Gaze up at the stained glass windows in Sainte Chapelle.


4. Have a picnic outside of Notre Dame Cathedral. Find a local cheese shop, buy a baguette and some French wine or champagne, and pick a spot along the Seine River to stare up at the gargoyles.


5. Shop in unique French boutiques for exclusive, vintage and chic fashion. Time Out Paris put together the 100 best shops in Paris, take your pick!


6. Add your own lock to the bridges of Paris and throw the key into the Seine. The original “love lock” bridge (Pont des Arts) carried over 700,000 locks, but the locks have since been removed. The weight of all those padlocks was becoming dangerous to the bridge. That hasn’t stopped tourists from taking to other bridges and gates along the Seine.


7. Admire the glamorous Pont Alexander III, the most decorated bridge in Paris.


8. Eat a ham & cheese crepe on the steps of the Louvre.


9. Check out the Palais Garnier Opera House, the most beautiful building in Paris.


10. Eat pastries at Angelina. I couldn’t come to Paris and not dine at Angelina at least twice. Put my name on anything and I’ll over indulge!


11. Take a free walking tour and see many of the monuments on foot, such as the Concord, Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees.


12. Wander around the gardens of Paris. The Tuileries Garden is a short walk from the Louvre and stretches as far as the Concord monument. The Floating Gardens of Paris is another scenic alternative, floating on the Seine!


13. Get educated on French wine with O Chateau. Their “Tour de France” tasting is designed to do exactly that, take you on a trip around France’s wines and various regions. It features five tastings of French wine + one glass of French champagne. The instructors are great and will give you plenty of tips and tricks to make it seem like you actually know wine very well.


14. Visit the Louvre Pyramid at night. The famous Pyramid at the Louvre Museum is gorgeous during the day, but over crowded with tourists and selfie sticks. Go at night for a completely new experience. It’s magical.

15. Get the best view of the Parisian skyline from the (free) rooftop terrace at Printemps Department Stores.


Au revoir Paris, je t’aime.