Make Your Own Chocolate in Brooklyn


Lindt chocolate hails from Switzerland, Hershey is made in Pennsylvania, but who knew there was so much chocolate right in Brooklyn? Apparently, Brooklynites have a way with cocoa beans.

I had the pleasure of checking out one of these Brooklyn-based chocolate factories first hand, thanks to a friend who knows I have a major sweet tooth and love to experience new things. We spent the day at Raaka Chocolate Factory learning all about delicious, organic, all natural chocolate.



RAAKA is a small batch, bean to bar chocolate factory located in Red Hook, Brooklyn. They give tours of their factory and teach the trade of chocolate making, and even let you make your own delicious chocolate bars to take home.

Make my own chocolate? Challenge accepted.


Raaka is one of the few places that produces virgin chocolate.

vir·gin choc·o·late / noun: chocolate made from unroasted cacao beans.
synonyms: delicious, delightful, worth every bite

Their unique process of keeping the cacao bean unroasted is not common in the chocolate making world, but helps preserves the wild flavors of every bean.


Now to the good part… tasting and making.


Can you smell it? The aroma instantly hits you as you walk into the mixing room. It’s the closest I’ve ever been to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, or what I imagine it’s like.

Adding the extra touches… sunflower seeds, toasted coconut and smoked cherry sea salt.


The finished product!



Raaka Chocolate: 64 Seabring St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
Group Classes: 2-hour classes, Saturdays and Sundays from 2-4pm and 5-7pm

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