15 Travel Tips After Visiting 15 Countries

If we’re friends on Facebook, you might have noticed I recently shared a Refinery29 article on money-saving travel hacks… because I was FEATURED in the round-up!

Um, MAJOR. Peep slide #14 and see for yourself.

But while the article was an awesome piece on different hacks and tricks from a variety of travel bloggers, it made me realize I’ve never shared all my own best travel tips on here.

15 best travel tips

I’ve shared Europe-specific travel tips, some packing advice, and my all-time favorite apps for adventures, but come to think of it – never a post on generic traveling pointers.

Now that I’ve got 15 countries under my belt, I figured it’s only appropriate to share my 15 best travel tips I learned along the way.

  1. Avoid souvenir shops.

    And hagglers / travel scammers on the street as well. Ask around where to find the best handmade goods or artisanal products o you don’t end up paying an arm and a leg for a generic item.

  2. Make lunch your biggest meal.

    Lunch menus are usually cheaper than dinner, so by eating your biggest meal in the middle of the day – you’ll fill up on a bigger bang for your buck, and likely not splurge on an expensive dinner.
    15 best travel tips

  3. Take copies of your important documents.

    Photos work just as good, if not better than photocopies.

  4. Always carry a waterproof case for your camera or phone. 

  5. Record the names of the restaurants you eat in.

    Whether it’s a picture of the storefront or menu, taking the business card with you, or checking in on Foursquare’s Swarm app.

  6. Pack a compact umbrella.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been caught in the rain while traveling… London, Paris, Montreal, Capri, Venice, I could go on. Instead of having to buy a new one every time, bring a small one (like this one from Amazon!) with you JIC.
    15 best travel hacks

  7. Ask a local. 

    For directions, for recommendations, for suggestions of places to eat. There’s no better advice than from someone who lives there.

  8. Tip less than you do in the U.S.

    But still tip.

  9. Do something different.

    Get outside your comfort zone – jump off cliffs, eat new cuisines, ride public transportation, dance to the band.

  10. Test out a few words of the local language.

  11. Forgo a map for a day.

    15 best travel hacks

  12. Over-hydrate on the plane.

    I overdose on water and tea, especially on long flights, because airplane air and high altitudes can leave you dehydrated.
    But a glass of wine to help fall asleep never hurt no body ;)

  13. Only allow naps on the first day.

    To combat jetlag, of course. Anything after that is just wasting time sleeping!
    15 best travel hacks

  14. Know that everything will not go exactly as planned.

    Don’t let one not-so-awesome circumstance or day ruin the trip.

  15. Travel the way you want.

    Not how everyone tells you to.

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