24 Hours in Dallas, Texas

If you find yourself with a little bit of time to spend in the Lone Star State, there is plenty to do that will give you the authentic Texan experience in just 24 hours!

Start with a Texas breakfast.

If you’re going to start your day like any self-respecting Texan, it’s going to be with a hearty breakfast, most likely consisting of meats, carbs and some Spanish-Mexican influence. A few Texas breakfast staples include hub-cap size pancakes, southern sticky buns, and migas. What’s a miga? I didn’t know either, but I found out it’s a big plate of deliciousness. A miga is scrambled eggs mixed with strips of tortilla, onions, peppers, tomatoes and cheese, topped with salsa, pico de gallo and refried beans.

Now that you’re in a food coma, it’s time to walk it off.

After breakfast, go to the West End Historic District.

You can hop on and off the free trolley as you wish. There’s lots of stores for shopping, including the legendary Wild Bill’s Western Store. Floor to ceiling cowboy hats, boots and everything in between. Even if you don’t plan on buying anything for yourself, it’s fun to take a peek inside and pretend you’re a westerner.



The West End is also where the JFK Memorial site is. Just one or two blocks over from the retail area of the Historic District is the 6th Floor Museum and memorial. Pass through and pay homage to Mr. Kennedy before settling down for lunch.

Lunch time is Tex-Mex time.

Fajitas, chili con carne and queso dip are some standard dishes of Tex-Mex, a fusion of American and Mexican cuisine. Wash lunch down with some margaritas and get ready for a true Texan night out.

Cowboys & Bulls

If you rented or have access to a car, take the short drive out to the Stockyards in Fort Worth, just west of Dallas, and you’ll get a true cowboy experience. Everyone is wearing cowboy boots. Everyone is wearing cowboy hats. You can walk around and drink beer in the street. And there’s live stock everywhere.

Stroll around the stockyards and explore the restaurants, shops and vendors. You can purchase a ticket to a true Texas rodeo and watch cowboys ride bulls, broncos and wrestle steers.



BBQ & Beers

Finish your day in Dallas with a classic Texas meal… some famous barbecue and Lone Star beers!

East Texas style barbecue is slowly cooked to the point that it is “falling off the bone” and marinated in a sweet sauce. Carnivores, rejoice. You can even take some beers to go!

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  • Wow, Angelina, this is a real inside guideline for Dallas. Could you recommend any local places where I could try “miga” and all other finger-licking things you mentioned above? Eager to experience a proper Texas food coma!

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