2017 Recap: 16 Trips in 12 Months

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but in TWO weeks we’ll be looking at the start of a brand new year. Where does the time go?! I say this every year (and likely every month, and definitely every weekend) but time just flies by.

For me, 2017 was a mix of ups and downs.

It was a hard year for my family, which began with the loss of our beloved patriarch. My kind, amazing, generous, loving grandfather. The “founding father” of our Zeppieri family here in America, who passed in March after a hard battle against his diabetes. We spent nearly every day in the hospital at the beginning of this year, so needless to say, it was not a welcome start to 2017. But his legacy lives on with us all.

It was also a tough year for the country (and world, honestly), with too many attacks, a weird and unfavorable political climate, and many other things I won’t get too far into here.

But 2017 also had it’s good moments! From major achievements — like my podcast finally launching, and my name being featured in the New York friggen Times (!!!), and my brother graduating from baking school — to small successes, like saying no to things that weigh me down, becoming a Soulcycle fanatic, and breaking 2k on Instagram.

And of course, 2017 was also a year filled with LOTS of travel – 16 overnight trips to be exact, which included 23 cities across 5 countries, 29 flights, and 7 road trips spanning 2,000 miles.

Which for someone who works full-time, but doesn’t travel full-time, that’s a lot.

I’m grateful for the adventures, experiences and opportunities that this year brought me. The lessons I learned on them, the people I was able to enjoy them with, and the ability to virtually share them with anyone that would listen – through this blog, through the podcast, through the photos I took, and because of my inability to shut up about them.

Here’s a quick overview of where I went and what I saw every month this year!

January: Denver, CO

denver weekend guide

The mountains, the beer, the altitude. Denver, Colorado was cold AF and fun as hell.

February: Poconos, PA

We came, we saw, we skiied.

March: Cuba + Saint Kitts

You guys know how obsessed I am with Cuba. It was possibly my most interesting trip of the year!

Then I returned home and three days later boarded a flight to Saint Kitts in the Caribbean. Followed by another ski weekend adventure in Hunter, New York. What a month!

April: Key West, FL

Got Key Wasted on a bachelorette party at the very tip of Florida.

May: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

marquis los cabos

Pure bliss in the Pacific Ocean and exploring Cabo San Lucas.

June: Mexico City, Mexico

Mezcal, bugs, art and history in the capital of Mexico.

July: Greece + Los Angeles + Saratoga Springs

July was another crazy one. I turned another year older in Los Angeles, rode in a hot air balloon in upstate New York, and traveled to Greece on really really short notice.

August: Los Angeles (again) + Phoenicia, NY

Back to back trips to LA. Worth it for the sunsets and tacos.

September: Long Beach, NJ

A quick trip down the Jersey shore for Labor Day weekend. More sunsets, and lots of margaritas.

October: Montauk, NY

montauk weekend guide

An off-season weekend getaway to the end of the world.

November: Boston, MA

A girls trip to Beantown! All the food, all the drinks, and all the laughs.

December: New Orleans, LA

Spending a long weekend in New Orleans at the end of this month for an epic New Years Eve celebration. Photos to come! Or not, depending on how wild things get ;)

Here’s to many new and exciting adventures in 2018.

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